Gargish Necklace

Gargish necklace.png
Gargish Necklace
Weight: 1 Stone
Gargoyles Only
Physical Resist 1%
Fire Resist 2%
Cold Resist 2%
Poison Resist 2%
Energy Resist 3%
Durability: 32 / 32

Gargish Necklace is a necklace which takes up the Neck Slot and can only be worn by Gargoyles. Gargish Necklace that is exceptionally crafted will receive a bonus that is further boosted by your character's Arms Lore skill. They are crafted by tinkers.

They retain the color of the material from which they are made but they are not subject to armor bonus of the material. Crafted versions can have their durability increased, via Powder of Fortifying, to a maximum of 255. If crafted exceptionally by a GM+ crafter they can hold their maker's mark.


Skill required:
60.0 Tinkering


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