George Hephaestus the Blacksmithing Instructor

George Hephaestus the Blacksmithing Instructor is a NPC Blacksmithing trainer located at the Forge and Anvil in New Haven. He provides training and offers a new player quest. His name is likely a reference to the Greek god of fire, Hephaestus, the son of Zeus and Hera. In his Olympian workshop he created beautiful and marvelous works, utensils, and arms, for both men and gods.


George provides training to 40 on the following skills:

George provides training to 33.3 on the following skills:


George offers a new player quest, It's Hammer Time!, to train the Blacksmithing skill to 50. The reward for completing the quest is Hammer of Hephaestus.


"Wanna learn how to make power weapons and armor? Talk to me."