Goldport is a seafarer's town founded in 2010 located on the island directly north of Jhelom in Trammel on Chesapeake shard. Being a modestly sized island, it has a few structures including the Silver Seahorse Tavern which seems to be the main social hangout. It has a natural harbor on the south side of the island and is just a short sailing from distance from Sea Market. Fish, distilled spirits and some raw materials seem to be the main industry of the community(the latter curiously, given the lack of an appreciable amount of trees on the island).


Goldport sprang to life as a somewhat removed anchoring for passing ships avoiding bad weather due to it's natual harbor. Later, goods were often said to be ferried south to Jhelom in the dark of night to avoid customs duties normally collected at Jhelom's many docks. When piracy became rampant on the high seas, Goldport began to see increased traffic due to it's location near Sea Market as well as being just off a major shipping lane to the west. While Goldport currently has no official affiliations, ships from the communities of Dragons Watch, Nidaros and Gyldenfeld, among others, can often be seen calling at anchor around the island. The Crimson Pirates, scourge of the Sosarian seas, have been known to suddenly appear off the shores of Goldport without warning and attack on occasion

Local Lore

Given it's murky beginnings and the mystique of it's south seas locale, Goldport has a colorful tapestry of local lore.

Stone Ruins

At the center of the island is a nysterious jumble of stone blocks including a few walls. The unexcavated ruin seems the remains of a long-forgotten stone building without apparent use or purpose.

Silver Galleon Wreck

Local rumors whisper of a large galleon filled with silver bars that sank off the south coast of Goldport in a storm. The ship was said to be covertly ferrying the silver from Skara Brae to the capital city of Britain for safe deposit since the overland route at the time was too dangerous for such valuable cargo. The truth of this rumor is dubious as neither the crown nor the local fishers will definitively speak to it.