House Teleportation Tile

A set of veteran reward house teleporters.


The House Teleporter Tile comes in a set of two, either as a twelfth year Veteran Reward or can be purchased for $9.95 USD as a code-redeemable item from the Origin Code Store. In either version, the set comes as a pair of matching teleporter tiles with an instruction booklet contained in a specially named bag. Players of any account age can lock down and use the tiles.

Veteran Reward Version

Teleporter tile veteran reward.png

The Veteran Reward version is a pair of T-bar looking runes and never run out of charges. While only claimable by 12-year or older accounts, players of any age may use it provided they meet the house access, aggro and other rules listed below.

Game Code Store Version

Teleporter tile rmt.png

The UO Game Code Store version is a pair of alpha looking runes and may hold a limited number of charges(uses). It comes with 5 charges, but may be refreshed by dropping Gate Travel scrolls on it, each one imparting an additional five charges, up to a maximum of 1,000 charges. When a tile runs out of charges it becomes inoperable and changes color til refreshed with charges. The tiles in the pair are charged seperately, not in tandem.



To setup, lock down each tile in a house. If you only have one house, you can give the other to a trusted friend to lock down. Once locked down, you can set the security on the tile as you would any other house teleporter. Simply activate the Context Menu on the tile and choose "Set Security" to access the privileges menu.



Once both tiles are locked down in houses, simply walk onto the tile to teleport.

Teleportation tile usage follows these rules:

  • You must have Public-level or better access in the destination house.
  • You must not be aggressed or criminally flagged.
  • You must not be too encumbered to move(weight overloaded).

If you are attempting to teleport from a Trammel ruleset to a Felucca ruleset you will be prompted with a warning message in a similar way as a moongate.

Warning message displayed when house teleporting into a PVP ruleset.


You can also change the link of a teleportation tile. You must have both tiles in your backpack. Double click either tile and target the tile you wish to link it to.

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