House customization


House Customization is one of the most unique and immersive aspects of Ultima Online. It allows any player who owns a home to customize the structural layout and appearance of the home, literally, from the ground up.

While player housing has been a part of UO from nearly the beginning in 1997, the homes offered came in a variety of preset sizes and themes. While players could decorate the interior with items such as furnishings, paintings and other items, the structural layout of the walls and floors were static and unchangeable.

Expansions and Tile Sets

With the release of Ultima Online: Age of Shadows in February 2003, players were given the option to simply place a blank house plot on unclaimed land and then begin building their dream home. Dozens of different wall and floor tiles in a variety of types with different thematic elements were available. With a little creativity, almost any sort of environment could be presented or inferred, ranging from a thatched reed hut surrounded by swampy undergrowth to a regal castle complete with moat and gated entrance.

The option to add a roof became available with Ultima Online: Samurai Empire in November 2004, along with the addition of several sets of new housing wall and floor tiles inferring an Asian architectural theme to reflect ethos of the expansion.

Similarly, the launch of Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy in August 2005 added several elf-themed tile sets.

Additional sets of house tiles were later offered as part of promotions such as the Crystal House Tile Set and the Shadow House Tile Set which were made available when a player purchase the 9th Anniversary Collection upgrade.

Customizing A Home

Only custom homes may be customized. Some homes which were built with one of the classic, preset designs such as the small tower may convert their homes to customizable plots.

To enter House Customization mode, the owner of the home must double-click the house sign and then select the Customization button. The character will then be made invisible and placed inside the house plot.

To Be Continued

Structural Design Tips and Tricks

Don't build a Borg cube.