In the Weeds

In the Weeds is a quest given out by Farmer Nash in Holy City, Ter Mur.

Quest Description

  • Help Farmer Nash find his pitchfork by pulling the weeds in his garden until you uncover it. (Pull weeds by double clicking them) When you find it, return it to him for your reward.

I hate to trouble you, but sometimes a problem needs a plow and sometimes it needs a sword. I am good with a plow, but terrible with a sword.

I have been plagued with a strange weed for some time. Every day I have to clean them out of my garden and carry them away with my pitch fork. Yesterday I was working there and… well, I must have nodded off because when I woke my pitchfork was gone!

I have heard talk of thieves who seek treasure in the sacred tomb, but I really don’t think they took my pitchfork, in fact I think it just got lost in the weeds!

I would find it myself, but now that we are so close to the edge of the world, many wild creatures are lurking about and some might be hiding in these weeds. I’ve seen the creatures that have been roaming these parts recently and I fear for my life! The problem is, if I don’t get my crop in the ground soon, we won’t make it through the winter. Will you help?

-Farmer Nash

Quest Objective

Obtain 1 Farmer Nash's Pitchfork Pitchfork.png

Quest Lore

Double click on the Creepy Weeds just near the Farmer Nash's house. If you clicked the wrong weed, a random monster will spawn, either a Snake, Mongbat, Silver Serpent, Raptor or Ballem. When you clicked the right weed, the pitchfork will appear in your backpack with the following message:

You find Farmer Nash's pitchfork under one of the brambles of weeds.

You pick up the pitchfork and put it in your backpack.

Mark the Farmer Nash's Pitchfork as a quest item and return to Farmer Nash.

Oh, thank you! Here is your reward as promised. I will get right back to work in a few minutes.

-Farmer Nash


  • A bag of treasure

The bag contains 2 x five regular Gems and three minor magic items.

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