Mesanna's Cream Pie

Mesanna's cream pie.png
Mesanna's Cream Pie
Weight: 1 Stone

Mesanna's Cream Pie is an EM handout item that has appeared on several shards. Named after Mesanna, Associate Producer for Ultima Online as well as head of the EM program, it functions much like a Pile of Snow. A player can only throw a pie at another player who also has one in their pack.


Double-click the pie while it is in your backpack and target another player. If the targetted player also has a pie in their backpack, a pie will be thrown at them(the actual item remains in your backpack). The animation of the thrown pie appears as a pie in flight. The targetted player will get a message they have been struck by a pie. No damage is inflicted, although during one EM event on Chesapeake there were powerful monsters(Abominable Cream Fiends) that could be defeated by the pies being thrown at them.

There is a slight delay between pie throws. This can be circumvented by having multiple pies in your backpack and clicking another one to throw. With the right macro setup and ample number of pies, a player could be a veritable machine gun of pies.


There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of these pies across several shards, and they are still being handed out frequently(as of January 2011) so paying a steep premium on them as a rare item would be somewhat misguided.