Miner's Valorite Map

Miner's valorite map.png
Miner's Valorite Map
Uses Remaining: 245
Weight: 1 Stone
Lifespan: 86,400 Seconds
Location: 98º 6'N, 87º 49'E
Facet: Trammel

The Miner's Valorite Map is a Covetous Void Pool reward map that can be obtained for 2000 reward points from Vela the Sorceress in Cove. The map shows the location of a source of valorite ore and can only be used when it is inside the player's backpack. It comes with random charges (~245) and should be used within one day (24 hours or 86,400 seconds) once it is claimed.

This map generates only valorite at the specified spot on each swing of a pick and is eligible to be mined until all the map charges are used up. Normal gems and small blackrock are still randomly mined. Gargoyle's Pickaxes do not work in conjunction with the map, so elementals cannot be generated and the ore type will not be boosted.

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