Minotaur Statue

Defend East
Defend South
Attack East
Attack South

A Minotaur Statue is a 2nd year Veteran Reward that comes in deed form and when used will produce one of two statues in a choice of directions(East or South). A player's account must be 24 months or older to place the statue in either their home or a home where they are a co-owner.

The statue is created by using the deed and making a selection from the menu.

Minotaur statue menu.jpg

Being a House Addon, the statue can be re-deeded using an Axe.

The statues yield no resources, make no sound, do not impart any bonuses and are otherwise decorative only.


  • Comes in deed form - "A Deed For A Minotaur Statue"
  • Can be placed in 2 variants, each with 2 directional orientations each
  • Can only be placed by an owner or co-owner
  • The statue is purely decorative
  • Cannot be dyed with a Furniture Dye Tub
  • Requires 2x2 tiles to erect.