Moonstone Jewelry


Moonstone Jewelry is a rare type of jewelry found on the corpses of gypsies. Moonstone Jewelry may spawn as a ring, earrings or bracelet and may be Imbued. It is thought the jewelry began appearing when gypsies received some spawn and loot changes with Publish 65.

While possessing no properties when dropped, the jewelry's appearance changes based on it's current location and phase of the moons.

Location-based Color

  • Trammel - blue
  • Felucca - red
  • Tokuno Islands, Ilshenar, Malas or Ter Mur - gray

Moonphase-based Hue

(this section incomplete)

  • New Moon -darkest
  • Waxing - light
  • Full Moon - lightest
  • Waning - dark


EA Associate Community Manager for UO James Nichols has stated the drop rate for Moonstone Jewlery is "1 in 25,000"[1].

Ask & Answer No. 19

2. Question from UO Stratics (Mentiras)

Moonstone Jewelery - Also submitted in Ask & Answer No. 13

Can a dev please make another statement on this drop? Specifically where does it actually come from now? Is it Fezzik the Chef or a cannibal mage or a chest in Fezzik's area? All over the previous? Has the drop % been altered because of the increase in difficulty of the target now? Thank you.


Currently the only mob in game that can drop the moonstone jewelry is Fezzik the Ogre Cook. The chances for the jewelry to spawn is 1 in a 1000 and if you are lucky enough to get a drop they will spawn on the mobs corpse.