Nedrick Iron Worker

Quest : Human Heritage

1. Talk to Nedrick Iron Worker - He is located in Serpent's Hold.# Seek Patricus the Trader - (He is located at Vesper docks) He will give you 5 crates with a 3600 second time limit on them, you are to deliver them to Sledge the Versatile.

2. Seek Sledge the Versatile - He is located in Buccaneer's Den. After you deliver the crates accept his quest Ingenuity. He will ask you to get him 10 power crystals, but be careful, he does also give other quests, you want to make sure you get the one for 10 power crystals.

3. After you deliver the power crystals to Sledge the Versatile you are to 'Seek out a human in need' this means you are supposed to escort Lissbet the Flower Girl who is found in Ilshenar (use the Spirituality Moongate) by the Twin Oaks Tavern. Escort her to the sheep farm near the mountain to the South. It should be noted that a character can escort any captured prisoner encountered elsewhere, which allows Reds to renounce their heritige as well as their eternal souls).

4. Seek Belulah the Scorned in Nu'Jelm - She is located in or around the tailors. She asked me to kill 5 Efreets and 5 Ice fiends - by the names of the monsters you must kill it will have a dungeon name, for example "5 Efreets (Fire).. 5 Ice Fiends (Ice)" you MUST kill them in those dungeons or you do not get credit for them.

5. Go find an NPC and complete any quest that they are offering. Nedrick Iron Worker requires that you "help someone in need". It's easy to find an NPC quest in Cove. Simply escort a Noble, or Adventurer.

6. Return to Nedrick Iron Worker, strip down and there you go, you get to become Human.

  • Note: You must un-equip all items and dismount to become human.