Shrine of Spirituality
Spirituality Moongate

Spirituality is: a Shrine, an Ilshenar Moongate, and a Virtue.


One of the more interesting shrines, Spirituality is located on the main continent about halfway between Britain and Trinsic (75°56'S, 19°32'E). To reach the shrine itself, stand at the top of the stairs and say "Om Om Om." It is a fully functional shrine; a character may lock his or her karma, be resurected, or even tithe gold there.

Wearer of the Ankh Pendant who chant the word "Om" at the shrine will receive an increase of +1 to Mana, Hit Point, and Stamina regenerations for one hour, with a 25% chance (i.e., 3 independent rolls) to get each increased to +2. A character need not continue to wear the pendant to maintain the increase for said hour.


Located near the entrance to the Twisted Weald, with its Peerless boss Dread Horn, the Lord Oaks Champion Spawn, and the Blood Dungeon, the Spirituality Moongate (24°57'N, 14°41'E) is quite active.


Spirituality is gained by using targeted heals and resurrections on other players including bandages, close wounds, heal, greater heal, gift of renewal, cleansing winds, and rejuvenate. Spirituality is expended through the virtue menu, double click the humility virtue to bring up a targeting cursor.


Targeting a living player or pet will grant a Spirituality shield that will absorb incoming damage based on Spirituality path and consume some Spirituality points,

  • Seeker: 5% shield, with 50 shield HP
  • Follower: 10% shield, with 100 shield HP
  • Knight: 20% shield, with 200 shield HP


Spirituality is one of the Virtues in the moral system of Ultima Online.

According to Ultima V, Spirituality is to seek Truth, Love and Courage from one's own self and the world around. Lord Blackthorn perverted the Virtue to read "Thou shalt enforce the laws of virtue, or thou shalt die as a heretic."