Nerve Strike

Special move nerve strike.gif

Nerve Strike is an Bushido Special Move was added during the Samurai Empire expansion in the fall of 2004.

Does damage and has a chance to paralyze your opponent for a short time. The paralyze chance is scaled based on Bushido skill, from 50% chance at 50 skill to 90% chance at 120 skill. The paralysis is breakable when the paralyzed target takes damage.

This Bushido-specific move imparts the following effects:

  • Direct Damage bonus based upon the attacker's Bushido skill
    • Calculated as follows: [(Bushido skill -50 )*3/14] + (0-10)
    • Examples: Bushido of 50, Direct Damage of 0 to 10 Hit Points. Bushido of 120, 15 to 25.
  • Normal weapon damage
  • Paralyze the target, which in Player vs. Player combat is for about 2 seconds.
  • Mana Cost: 30


Primary Weapons

No weapons have Nerve Strike as a primary ability.

Seconday Weapons

Weapons with a secondary ability of Nerve Strike require 90 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill and Tactics.

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