Paragon Tactics for Classes

Tamer / Bard

Since many people were not provo bards pre-pub 14, they are not familiar with the "Dance" required with the dragon AI. This guide takes the drgon AI into account. The key is movement (or lack thereof)!

1) NEVER run around a paragon

2) Paragon senses movement 8 tiles out from it location, but re-targets on ANY PLAYER in range if the movement moves out of attack range ( 2-3 screens). Paragons only attack pets if the pet targets them first. This also means that it scans and pick targets faster, since it can ignore all summons and pets. Normal paragon targetting time is about 2 seconds after spawn, 2-3 seconds after area peace. Use your time well! What this means is if that pally you dislike runs by you and the paragon real fast, it will stop fighting pets, move 2-6 tiles away after pally, then re-target YOU!!!! Defense? Invis, quick hide, or area peace.

3) Area peace is your BEST tool for survival. Targetted peace is unreliable on anything over an evil mage lord ( basically, anything that naturally gives a level 4 map or better will be unpeacable in paragon form). Check this link for stats on paragons Things area peace is good for: -escape! -calling pet low on health off -keeping paragon on screen if it targets another player -getting the thing off you! remember to QUICKLY target drag or WW onto it. -(bad paul) messing up other tamers who have made you mad, or getting pallies killed if they make you mad.

4) Teleport to paragon rather than run. Or stay in place and call pets back to you after sic'ing them on the paragon. NOTE: Pets follow ability is bad, if more than 3 tiles around a corner it CANNOT come to you. In that case, teleport closer, spamming all follow me.

5) Use your WW or dragon as a meat shield. Use mare or fire steed to deal damage. Unicorns are good for Poison ele. For bloods, I prefer a Dragon with high phys/energy/fire resists and a fire steed. This combo means less healing for you, and more damage dealt as a blood Paragon's weakest resist is fire.

6) Due to the random nature of paragon spawn, I have found that you lose valuable time if you pre-command targetted peace ( use skill, target cursor open). This is due to the high difficulty and high fail rate, and need to refresh it every 10 seconds. To counter this, I have started pre-commanding my drag / ww to kill instead. This has 2 advantages. First, the kill command does not time out like peace does. Second, if you are quick, you can beat the paragon to targetting you. Then peace if possible, then spam all follow me. Get your bandies ready! a normal blood paragon takes about 80-100 bandies. I STRONGLY suggest you NOT use a vet macro in UOA, as this can cause lag. Rather, dbl clk your bandies and use an in game last item macro. This will also make you more flexible in case you should need to area peace to save pet, or re-target paragon off of you.

7) What if pets die? DONT PANIC! Stand EXTREMELY still right where you are. Paragons rarely target anything inside the 8 tile area. Due to their HUGE movement speed and patterns, you have to heal your pets up fast, using area peace to keep them alive till at full health. Remember, be ready to area peace should the paragon move out of the 8 tile area.

  • NEW UPDATE* I have perfected a techinique should your Dragon /WW be losing the battle. At about 25% health on dragon, quickly mount mare, and at same time area peace. Now, spam area peace while you heal. You will be able to fully heal your pet , take no damage, and save valuable time from having to retreat. As always STAY STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With this tactic, you can solo a balron paragon!!!!


Many tamers and pallies hunt the easiest accessible spawns. This means alot of death for you and your pets. Why? Re-targetting and incidental spawn dragged behind the stream of players. Suggested low traffic hunting areas

  1. Lava city ( dragons, efreets, deamons, gargoyles, succubus)
  2. Stone Dungeon ( north east dungeon) Evil mage lords, acid ele, poison ele, eg, LL, lich, executioner. This is a great spot.
  3. North west dungeon ( mage dungeon) south of valor. There is a blood spawn at every stairway!!! This dungeon is TEEMING with high level spawn. I prefer the third floor south area. 2 bloods and a evil mage lord. Can spend hours there not seeing a soul. And nothing is beyond it cept for balrons. Keep an eye out for the paragon bally tho!!! This is my usual haunt on Baja.
  4. Cyclops valley dungeon entrance. 2 titans and 4 cyclops spawn in this large room.
  5. Cyclops village east of Valor shrine. 2 titans, 5 cyclops, slow but steady spawn.
  6. South east dungeon ( enter through wisps or through cyclops valley) second level. Tons of RC's and evil mage lords.

9) Not related, but to get a dragon safely to any hunt spot in Ilsh, take pet out of stables, leave in town or at moongate. Say all stay. Put meat or fruit in your backpack. Go to hunt spot. Use pet ball of summoning. If you took longer than 2 minutes to get to your spot, pet will be frozen in place. Feed it the food in your pack.

Taken from UO forums. Authored by ME.