Personal Attendant

Personal Attendants were introduced with Publish 41. They were originally only available on the Japanese market, but have most recently been given out for purchasing a copy of the 9th Anniversary Collection.

General Characteristics

  • Can not engage in combat
  • Will not block players or creatures
  • Invulnerable
  • Does not take up a Follower Slot
  • Only one Personal Attendant in use for a character, anywhere, at a time
  • Contract cannot be stolen
  • Upon an owner's death, the Personal Attendant will re-deed itself and go into the owner's backpack
  • Anytime the character exits the world, the NPC will re-deed into the player’s backpack
  • Name for attendant is randomly chosen each time it is called forth
  • Attendants will follow players anywhere they go unless told to stop
  • If a owner moves too far away the attendant will teleport to the owner's location
  • Can be placed back into deed form by selecting "Dismiss Attendant" on its Contextual Menu

Attendant Types

There are 4 different types of personal attendant. Each has different abilities that can assist you. A contract can become any of the 4 types. You can easily switch between them by bringing up a Conextual Menu on the attendant and selecting the "Dismiss Attendant".

Personal guide.png


The guide will help you locate shops inside cities and towns. Double-click the guide or select the "Find a Shop" option on his contextual menu. If you are not close enough to a town, a system message will say, "There are no shops nearby. Please try again when get to a town or city."

If you are close enough, a menu will appear showing you all the shops the guide can lead you to. Locate the one you want and press the blue diamond. The guide will ask you follow and will begin walking towards your selection. He may pause every once in a while to get his bearings, but will continue on. Once you are within range he will alert you that the destination has been reached.

  • If the player loses connection when en route, the guide will redeed and be placed into the player's backpack.
Personal herald.png


The herald will help make your presense known to the entire world. He will follow you around and make statements you select, which include:

  • Attention, attention! All hail the arrival of the Mighty [Owner Name]!
  • Make way ye unwashed hordes! Clear the road! For the Mighty [Owner Name] has business more important than yours!
  • Mighty [Owner Name] approaches! Be ye prepared to kneel before their indomitable presence! And remember, tribute is to be only in gold!
  • Thrown down your capes and kerchiefs! Let the petals be strewn! For the Mighty [Owner Name] approacheth!
  • Mighty [Owner Name] has arrived! Let the drinks flow! Let the festivities commence! And you there, with the pig, get that beast on a skewer!
  • Let the lords cower and the ladies swoon, for now approaches the Mighty [Owner Name].

You can also leave your herald in your house to greet visitors. The herald will stay put if you logout. He will say things such as:

  • Welcome to the home of [Owner Name]. Please keep your shoes off the furniture.
  • Announcing the arrival of the [Visitor Title] [Visitor Name]. The Lord/Lady of the house bids you welcome.
  • My Lord/Lady, you have a visitor! [Visitor Title] [Visitor Name] is awaiting your presence.
  • Welcome to the humble abode of [Owner Title] [Owner Name], please remove your shoes, and have a seat where you may find one.
  • Ahh, greetings to [Visitor Title] [Visitor Name]. Your coming here was foreseen, and I alone know of your purpose.
  • *squints* Not you again! Fine, fine... whatever... come on in, I suppose. *sighs*
  • Welcome to this humble marketplace. If you need any assistance [Owner Title] [Owner Name] will be glad to help you.
  • Come Friend! Enter [Owner Title] [Owner Name]'s wondrous shop of many things! If you can't find it here, I suggest you go somewhere else!
  • *Looks [Visitor Name] over with narrowed eyes, scowling, and points to the sign on the wall* "Reagents for spell casting only. Please do not eat!"
Personal lucky dealer.png

Lucky Dealer

The lucky dealer is a gambler's best friend. He can 1 four-sided die up to 4 one-hundered-sided dice. Double-click the lucky dealer or select the "Roll Dice" option on its contextual menu. The dice selection menu will appear. You can select 1 to 4 dice to be rolled and whether those dice have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100 faces. Pressing roll will have the dealer randomly generate the results and announce them to all in this fashion:

  • Name of Roller - Number of Dice/Faces of Dice - Amount on each individual die - Combined Total

For example if the dealer says, "Frank rolls 2d12: 5, 11 [Total: 16]" it means that a player named Frank picked 2 dice with 12 faces each to be rolled. One die came out as 5 and the other 11. The combined total of both dice is 16.

  • Anyone can open the dice menu on your lucky dealer and have a roll
  • Rolling too many times in a short time span will cause a few second delay
Personal fortune teller.png

Fortune Teller

The fortune teller can give you answers to your question. Or rather, give you some random responses. The answers given have no bearing on the question asked and are random everytime. This personal attendant is more of a novelty and is the least useful of the bunch.

Double-click the fortune teller or select the "Tell Fortune" option on its contextual menu. A menu appears asking for a question. Type in the question you want answered and press OK. A board will appear displaying your question and 3 cards. If you have Tool Tips enabled you can mouse over each card to get the meaning.

  • The question has no bearing on the answer
  • Only the master of the Fortune Teller can ask questions
  • Can only be female

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