Promotional Code

A Promotional Code is a 16 digit alpha-numeric code that can be used to redeem one or more special items in UO. Promotional codes are usually purchased from Origin Store or come in boxed releases.


  1. Open up the Paperdoll and press the Help icon.gif button for Classic Client or press the Main Menu button Guide EC options icon.jpg and select Help for Enhanced Client.
  2. Press the arrow next to the Promotional Code option.
    Help menu promotional code.jpg
    1. If you receive a system message that the promotional code system is unavailable, try again later.
    2. If the promotional code menu appears, type in or copy/paste your code into the provided box exactly as you received it. Include all dashes and capitals as seen below.
      Promotional code gump.png
  3. A help response message will appear in the upper right corner of your screen with 2 possible outcomes:
    1. It will inform you the code failed. Try putting it in exactly as you received it or contact a Gamemaster for further support.
    2. The code will be accepted and the promotional item(s) will appear in your backpack.

Promotional Code Types

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