Putting the Pieces Together

A quest given out by Axem the Curator.



* As you approach, Axem seems completely unaware of you *

Ok, now if I substitute each symbol by the one thirteen places in front of it, I get... what? Who are.. oh my, forgive me. Greetings! It is good to see you again. I must apologize, I have been so busy trying to figure out the meaning of the symbols on the pottery fragments you brought me. So far, I have not gotten very far, but perhaps if I were able to cross reference these symbols with another source.

Let me think... yes, I think that would do. Have you seen any remnants of old scrolls laying about during your travels? I would reward you, of course, if you would bring them to me. Is it a deal?


* Once again, Axem is so completely engrossed in his work that he fails to notice you *

...sliding the penultimate symbol back to this position, subtracting the number of symbols in a row, leads to... hmm, abolsutely nothing. Again.

* Axem jumps as he realizes you're standing next to him *

I thought you were my ex-wife there for a second. Whew! So, you have returned? With all that I have asked for? Fabulous, I'll get to work on these now. Here is your reward, now please leave me be.


The remnants can be found on various monsters inside the Stygian Abyss. They drop rather rarely.


  • Dusty Museum Bag - Contains various gems, uncommon resources and a book.
  • 15 points added to your Loyalty Rating