Quotes from the pen of Wyrd Beastmaster

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This book is a 350,000 point Cooperative Collection reward from the Britain Library Collection. It is a decoration for your house which will give notes on the taming of Dragons and make various talking noises. It comes in one of 5 hues: plain, yellow, gray, blue, or green. The book must be locked down in your house and turned on for it to talk.


  • "...the dragon suddenly whirled as if in a panic, ran a short distance, took off into the air, then transformed into a whirlwind."
  • "The sole time I approached one with an eye towards taming it, my initial attempts at calming it met with failure."
  • "Hence my basic advice to those who seek to tame a dragon-be sure thou hast mastered the twin skills of taming animals, and running away very fast."
  • "I have not much to tell about dragons."
  • "I never did discover the exact cause of this strange behavior except to assume it was not typical for this reptillian species."
  • "The fireball was massive enough to light a city I should surmise."

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