Repair Service Contract

Repair Service Contracts are introduced with the Publish 13.5. An item can be repaired by using a Repair Contract that corresponds to one of the aforementioned skills. These contracts appear in the form of a deed and come as blessed. The contracts are labeled as A Repair Service Contract from a [level] [skill], where [level] is the skill level title of the smith which has created the contract (i.e. apprentice, journeyman, expert, adept, master, or grandmaster, as appropriate).



Crafters can create a repair service contract by performing the following steps:

  1. Use a crafting tool as normal.
  2. Choose the Repair option from the menu that appears.
  3. Target a Blank Scrolls.png Blank Scroll. The scroll must be within the player's backpack.
  4. The repair service contract will appear in the creating character's backpack.


Characters must be standing in an NPC shop that corresponds to the skill written on the scroll in order to use a repair service contract:

  1. Double-click the repair service contract.
  2. Target the item-to-be-repaired.
  3. The used repair service contract will disappear after use.

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