Runed Switch

Runed Switch.png
Runed Switch
Weight: 1 Stone

Used to recharge Talismans. The item is mostly of interest due to the difficulty involved in creating it; you require a GM Alchemist & Miner, a high level Tinker & Carpenter, and a mid level Scribe to construct it.


Crafting the Carpentry item Runed Switch
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
70.0 Carpentry
Boards.png 2 Boards or Logs
Switch.png 1 Enchanted Switches
Jeweled Filigree.png 1 Jeweled Filigree
Prism.png 1 Runed Prisms
100.0 skill = 60.0%
Exceptional Chances
100.0 skill = 15.0%
Additional Notes
Requires the "Mondain's Legacy" expansion.