Salaenih the Expeditionist

Salaenih the Expeditionist is a quest giver that is located in the City of Heartwood.

Quest Title Details Reward
Squishy Slay 12 Slimes A Bag of Trinkets
Specimens Slay 12 Solen Workers A Bag of Trinkets
Warrior Caste Slay 10 Terathan Warriors A Bag of Treasure
Shaking Things Up Slay 10 Solen Warriors A Bag of Treasure
A Big Job Slay 5 Ogres and 5 Ettins A Bag of Trinkets
Animated Monstrosity Slay 12 Flesh Golems A Bag of Trinkets
Voracious Plants Slay 8 Corpsers and 2 Swamp Tentacles A Bag of Trinkets
Arachnophobia Slay 12 Giant Black Widows A Bag of Treasure
Mini Swamp Thing Slay 20 Boglings A Bag of Treasure
Cold Hearted Slay 6 Giant Ice Serpents and 6 Frost Spiders A Bag of Trinkets