Saliva's Hole

Salivas hole.gif
  • Facet: Trammel / Felucca
  • Coordinate: the small hole where harpy Saliva lives can be disturbing. It is located insided the corrupted tree in Blighted Grove, place of the peerless boss Lady Melisande (1°34'S, 52°6'W).
  • Getting into the tree: after speaking to The Frightened Dryad, one of your tasks will be entering into the tree to find Saliva and slay her, but beware, it can be dangerous if you are not ready. When you enter, you will sense the effect of the fetid air.
  • Tips: Saliva has some followers arpies that can distract you from you dutie. It is not very difficult to locate the miniboss and slay her, but is easier for mages o tamers. Summons and pets can clean the way for you, but be careful, spell casting can be cut by the effect of the putrid air. Once you slay Saliva, look for the exit a the end of the hole, it is on the right hand side, and you will appear out on the root just behind The Frightened Dryad. Run to the dryad and do not loose time exploring unless you want to find Tangle or Abscess.
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