Smuggler's Edge

Smugglers edge.png
Smuggler's Edge
Weight: 1 Stone

Smugglers edge.pngSmuggler's Edge is a weapon obtained via the in-game Ultima Store for 400 Sovereigns.


Below are the details provided on the Ultima Store:

Receive the Smuggler's Edge butcher's knife. This weapon allows a player a chance to steal items from mobs, including special items from mobs located in champion spawn areas. This weapon includes the Spell Channelling and Use Best Weapon Skill properties, so anyone may use it.

More information, which used to be provided via the now-defunct UO Game Codes website:

When your attack with this item hits a monster, you can steal an item 5% of the time (Even if you don't have stealing skill). Stealable items and the probability of rare item stealing are pretty much the same Publish 58 changes, but there are some differences.

  • When you succeed in Stealing an item and have a chance to steal a rare item, your stealing skill is temporarily set up among 80.0-110.0(random).
  • If your Stealing skill is under 100.0 and temporary Stealing skill is also under 100.0, your rare item stealing fails due to the shortage of the skill.
  • When your Stealing skill is over 100.0, it serves as the minimum guaranteed skill, and a higher value is adopted.
  • If your Stealing skill is over 100.0, you can get a bonus to the appearance ratio of a rare item.
    • 100.0-109.9: +1%
    • 110.0-119.9: +2%
    • 110.0-119.9: +3%
  • In addition to the existing rare items, the following two rare items may be able to be stolen only at the time of stealing with a Smuggler's Edge.


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