Since we have (more or less) finished updating the article Shame, I think it is time to update this article with the changes of Publish 74. I've started to add the new creatures (Lizardman Defender, Lizardman Squatter and Hungry Ogre, more to come) according to the changes on the list Monsters (thanks to Cypher). One of the new creatures is the Archmage (or Evil Lord Inquisitor, according to the corpse) but I think it is just a more powerful version of the Evil Mage Lord (even the name Ylthallynon the Insane matches). I usually try to name the new monsters according to the name on the corpse or the name appears on the buff icon after casting Enemy of One. However, this one is harder since I'm not sure if we should create a separate article like Evil Mage Lord (Shame) or use the existing Evil Mage Lord article, just with an additional Template:Creatures inside. Maybe we should keep it as Archmage since only that version of the Evil Mage Lord spawns there. The same question is valid for the common elementals (Earth, Air and Poisson) in the dungeon Shame. What do you think? Nimuaq 22:38, 28 March 2012 (PDT)