Book of Truth

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Book of truth.png The Book of Truth is, like the Bell of Courage and the Candle of Love, an item that is a physical manifestation of one of the 3 Principles that underlie the Virtues (part of the mythology of UO).

The Book of Truth, like the other two items, has been seen in-game. It is located underneath the Lycaeum, and may be viewed by players. (The viewing room is accessed with one of the teleporters there). It was recovered by players after evil forces stole it, then scattered fakes around the map in an attempt to minimize the chances of the real book's recovery. (Presumably, removing the book to some distant place or destroying it both proved impossible). For more on that event, see Book of Truth?.

The book re-appeared as the reward of the quest A Quest For Truth during the In the Shadow of Virtue event cycle in late 2010. Players with enough Bane Chosen loyalty could corrupt it into a Corrupted Book of Truth.

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