A Quest For Truth

This quest was given out by Sincade at the Moongate outside Britain. It could only be done once per character and is no longer offered to players.

Quest Description

Obtain the seven pieces of Virtue Armor listed on the following page of this quest from the anti-virtue dungeons and turn them into Sincade for your reward.

Hail Friend, I have a rare find for thee. I humbly offer ye a very rare personal copy of the Book of Truth. To some, my price will be high, but those do not value Truth enough to posess it. I seek a Helm of Spirituality, a Gorget of Honesty, a Breastplate of Justice, Arms of Compassion, Gauntlets of Valor, Legs of Honor, and Sollerets of Sacrifice. These pieces of armor can be found in the dungeons named after the anti-virtues. Would you be willing to take on this quest?


Quest Objective

Obtain all of the following:

Quest Lore

The parts of the Virtue Armor Set drop in the Anti-Virtue Dungeons, obtained by slaying monsters. Having killed enough creatures, a random item will be placed directly into your backpack with the following system message:

For your valor in defeating the fallen creature, you have been rewarded with a special artifact.

If your pack is full the artifact will be placed in your Bank Box instead. A hidden counter is incremented with each kill you make. The higher the counter is, the more likely you will receive an item with your next kill. Creatures with higher levels of fame increase the counter faster, though killing while hidden (as is possible with pets) will result in fewer "points" being earnt. The counter resets to zero when an artifact is achieved.

Note that you can also obtain Helm of Spirituality or Gauntlets of Valor by using a Heritage Token.

When you have all seven items, mark them as quest items and return to Sincade:

Thy bravery in recovering these items is appreciated! Take this book and cherish it with my thanks.



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