The Delucian's Lost Mine

The Delucian's Lost Mine is a new player quest found in the southern mountains of New Haven and begins with Jacob Waltz the Mining Instructor.


Increase Mining to 50


Find Jabob's Lost Mine and mine iron ore there, using a pickaxe or shovel. Bring it back to Jacob's forge and smelt the ore into ingots, until you have raised your Mining skill to 50. You may find a packhorse useful for hauling the ore around. The animal trainer in New Haven has packhorses for sale.


Howdy! Welcome to my camp. It's not much, I know, but it's all I'll be needin' up here. I don't need them fancy things those townspeople have down there in New Have. Nope, not one bit. Just me, Bessie, my pick and a thick vein 'o valorite.

Anyhows, I'm guessin' that you're up here to ask me about minin', aren't ya? Well, don't be expectin' me to tell you where the valorite's at, cause I ain't gonna tell the King of Britannia, much less the likes of you. But I will show ya how to mine and smelt iron, cause there certainly is 'nough of up in these hills.

*Jacob looks around, with a perplexed look on his face*

Problem is, I can't remember where my iron mine's at, so you'll have to find it yourself. Once you're there, have at it with a pickaxe or shovel, then haul it back to camp and I'll show ya how to smelt it. Ya look a bit wimpy, so you might wanna go buy yourself a packhorse in town from the animal trainer to help you haul around all that ore.

When you're an Apprentice Miner, talk to me and I'll give ya a little somethin' I've got layin' around here... somewhere.


Dang dun it! If that don't beat all! Ya went and did it, didn't ya? What we got ourselves here is a mighty fine brand spankin' new Apprentice Miner!

I can see ya put some meat on them bones too while you were at it!

Here's that little somethin' I told ya I had for ya. It's a pickaxe with some high falutin' magic inside that'll help you find the good stuff when you're off minin'. It wears out fast, though, so you can only use it a few times a day.

Welp, I've got some smeltin' to do, so off with ya. Good luck, pilgrim!



Stay within the mountain area in New Haven to take advantage of the accelerated skill gain buff which speeds up skill gain by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain.

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