The Zealotry of Zipactriotl

"The Zealotry of Zipactriotl" is a quest-chain offered by Vek the Barrab Tinker at the Barrabian Village in the Valley of Eodon. This quest-chain is accessible only after winning the for the Myrmidex side in the Myrmidex Pit.

Quest Description

All hail our Myrmidex Overlords! Now that the Britannians and the rest of Eodon have been stopped from their offensive against the Myrmidex, it is time for the Barrab to restore the Myrmidex to power!

Long ago the Kotl came to Eodon. their technology was far advanced and they built many creations. Before long, they decided they needed servents to tend to them beyond the metal giants they called "Automatons" and so they created the Myrmidex.

The Myrmidex would not stand for their oppression and rose up against their reptilian masters! The Kotl unleashed a great weapon called Zipactriotl to abolish the Myrmidex. In time the Myrmidex were reduced in numbers and the Kotl placed Zipactriotl in stasis until such time the Myrmidex were once again a thread.

The alien technology of the Kotl has spread throughout the realm in the eons since their arrival - we must recover that technology so we may release Zipactriotl and destroy it once and for all! The time is now for the Myrmidex rule with the Barrabian at their side! All hail the Myrmidex! All hail the Barrab!

Quest Objective

Obtain all of the following...

  • 1 Stasis Chamber Power Core
  • 1 Stasis Chamber Activator
  • 1 Stasis chamber Regulator
  • 1 Stasis Chamber Stator

Quest Lore


Quest Reward

  • A step closer to destroying Zipactriotl...

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