Thorny Briar

Thorny briar.png
Thorny Briar
Weight: 1 Stone
Lifespan: 21600 Seconds

Thorny Briar is one of the six keys needed to gain admission to battle Dread Horn, the Peerless of the Twisted Weald. The burgundy briar spawns randomly on the ground in the desert area of the Weald and comes with a countdown timer. The Thorny Briar will disappear when the timer expires.

When all 6 keys are collected, they each need to be dropped onto the statue that is located in a stone ruin in the southern area of the Weald. The statue sits on an altar that is surrounded by rocks and dilapidated walls. The keys are: Blighted Cotton, Gnaw's Fang, Irk's Brain, Lissith's Silk, Sabrix's Eye, and Thorny Briar.


  • Irk's Brain is considered the most difficult of the keys to obtain.

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