Town Sheriff

  • September 25, 2014 Note: As of Publish 86 Factons has been removed from the game. It has been replaced by the Vice vs Virtue PVP system.

Each town under the control of a faction may have one sheriff appointed to it. The conditions of Sheriff appointment and function are:

The faction Commander may access the townstone of a captured city in order to hire the sheriff (described above). The commander may not select him/herself to be a Sheriff. The commander must select a player from within the same faction to be a Sheriff. The town sheriff is able to perform their official duties by speaking out loud "I am sheriff".

The Sheriff abilities are as follows:

Sheriffs may hire "Faction Guards". The Sheriff may control the amount of Faction Guards in operation, their cost, the maximum allowed, and how they function. Note that a faction guard does not have the same strengths and abilities as a regular town guard. They are able to be overcome by players, and their strengths will be comparable to some of the monsters that roam the lands.

Each faction may purchase 4 different guard types.

  • 2 generic types (Henchman, Mercenary)
  • 2 specific types (described below)

A maximum of 10 of each guard type may be in service at a time in one city. A faction guard will stay within the city borders. The Faction Sheriff may give the Faction Guards orders. The orders are "Ignore", "Warn", and "Attack". A Faction Sheriff can give these orders selectively for the other three Factions, or for citizens (players). However, Faction Guards cannot be set to attack citizens (players) that are not within the faction system. Citizens can be ignored by or warned by Faction Guards, with a warning being a verbal display from the Faction Guard stating the current nature of the occupied town. The Sheriff can set the Faction Guards to selectively ignore, warn, or attack members of other factions. For example, Faction Guards under the control of the True Britannians Faction may be set to ignore the Council of Mages Faction, and attack the Shadowlords Faction, and warn the Minax Faction.

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