UOGuide:Community Features

We offer several systems on this website to promote yourself, your guild and your community.

Guild Hosting

Are you a guildmaster who wants to setup a website? Having a website is the best method to recruit new members to your guild and keep current members up to date. But setting up a domain and hosting a website is complicated, time consuming, causes technical headaches and costs money.

On UOGuide you can setup a free website in literally seconds! All you have to do is register an account, point your browser to uoguide.com/Guild:_YOUR_GUILD_NAME and press create page. You have all the flexibility of a normal website without the hassle.

If you are interested in learning more about what UOGuide can offer in hosting your guild page see Help: Guild Website Hosting.

Personal Web Page

Do you need a web page to list the items for sale in your vendor shop? Or maybe show people how to get to your vendor? Or how to contact you whether it be email/ICQ/AIM? Maybe you participate in role playing, but your character back story is scattered across the web on various forums.

On UOGuide, every account has a personal web page available the moment you sign up. To access this page you can click your user name in the top right of any page while logged in. Your page URL will be uoguide.com/User:ACCOUNT_NAME. Use this page for any UO related activities you desire.

For more information see Help: User Page

Community Websites

If you already have a UO website, we can help you out in many areas as well. UOGuide is very interested in working with other fansites.