UOGuide:Establishment Submission

A long time ago the UO.com homepage used to have a feature where various in-game player establishments were featured. UOGuide is going to bring this back to the community by doing it on our own website. If you are the owner of or are the patron of an establishment read on how to submit it.

Submission Process

  1. If you haven't already done so, register a user account for the UOGuide website.
  2. Create the UOGuide page for your establishment submission. It needs to be prefixed with your shard URL. For example if you are submitting the "Drunken Drunk Tavern" on Pacific then the page will be named: Pacific:Drunken Drunk Tavern. Simply type the url into your address bar and go directly to that page. A link asking if you want to begin editing that page will appear. Yes, spaces in the establishment name should be kept as spaces.
  3. Fill out the page with some basic information. A template is provided at the end of this page for easy setup.
  4. Press "Save Page". If you notice any mistakes or wish to add more information, click the edit tab at the top.
  5. Notify UOGuide administrators that your establishment is ready for featuring by posting a message on this article's talk page. First click here and then click the + tab at the top of the page to add a comment about your new submission. Remember to link to the page (surround your page name with [[ ]] to link to it).


At least one image needs to be part of the establishment submission for it to be featured. When taking the screenshot keep the following things into account:

  • JPG format only! The image file size should not be larger than 300KB.
  • No cursor in shot
  • No UO or windows interface in shot (gameplay area only, crop the screenshot to only include the game area)
  • No partial gumps (if you want your paperdoll in the shot, it must be the whole paperdoll)
  • Must be game engine generated (no fakes or other manipulation)

Once you have your screenshot(s) saved use the Special:Upload form to load them into UOGuide. Remember to copy the filenames it gives you so you don't forget.

Additional Screenshots

If you are submitting more than a primary screenshot then they will have to be added manually. After the provided template use the following code for each screenshot:



Here is a basic template that should be used if you are not going to design the page yourself. It will take care of all the "wikifying" for you. Simply copy all the text in the outlined box below and paste it in your new establishment page. Fill out the requested data after each equal sign. They can also be left blank if you don't know certain ones.


If you want to type up a history or give an overview of the establishment, simply add it in after the }} of the template. Write as much as you want. For an example of what it will end up looking like see Atlantic:UORares_Rune_Library_&_Rare_Museum. Feel free to click the edit tab at the top and view how the source looks. If you would like to learn what any of the code means you can always visit the Help:Contents page which explains the basic wiki markup code.


  • Name - The name of the establishment, such as Craig's Catering Emporium
  • Image - The name of the primary image you uploaded for the establishment, remember this is required. The image name is provided on the upload page, for example "Craigs_catering.jpg". It is important to include the image type extension as well! This line is only for the primary screenshot.
  • Owner - The person or guild that owns the establishment
  • Shard - The Shard (Atlantic, Pacific, Catskills, etc.)
  • Facet - The Facet (Felucca, Trammel, Tokuno Islands or Malas)
  • Coordinates - The UO coordinates, either long form or short X/Y form are fine or both
  • Directions - If someone were to walk to your building, give some general idea such as "Go to Britain Mooongate and head east". Don't worry if the directions are long enough to wrap around to the next line, it won't mess up the template.
  • Type - Rune Library, Rare Museum, Tavern, etc.
  • Status - Open, Closed, Temporarily Closed, etc.


If you need any help or have questions you can post on this article's discussion page or post a topic on our messageboard hosted by UOForums.