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Wish List

  • Wanderer says:
    • How about list of Bods and what u can get from bods
  • Toria Says:
    • I would really like to see all of the special moves with all weapons (old and new) and exact descriptions of what they are. For example Feint, what is it and what does it do! Sure it says it increases defence, but how and for how long.
  • Litefin says:
    • Please can you detail each quest with "hints" on where to find each person/item that is required and where to find items requested by quest givers.
  • Jesterdev Says:
    • Quest Locations! It's nice to know they exist, but finding them is another thing.
  • Isylayd Says:
    • I would like to see which fish are caught at what fishing skill percentage and a minimum (maximum?) required skill to catch each fish.
    • Runic Properties and Values on the new runics for bowery and carpentry.
  • Derrin Says:
    • I would like to see maps with a dot where the quest givers can be found. It is hard enough getting into sactuary alive much less to find you quest giver.
  • unknown
    • Just as an FYI the summoning talismans also have Vorpal Bunny as a possiblity as well.
  • someone wrote:
    • This is a great site, what makes me use other sites is the use of their Treasure Map Coordinates. I think this would be an easy add.
      • For now use http://blackrune.atspace.com/ for your treasure maps, we'll look into incorporating treasure map locations once the new wiki is active.
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In Progress

  • I took the bull by the horns and decided to figure out how to do this myself: Please put a page under Crafting containing a consice checklist of all the recipies by skill. That way as I get a recipie I can check it off the list and know which ones I don't have. {B}In Progress{/B}
  • Full info On each Monster, pre and post UOML {b}In progress{/b}
  • A list of all resources, skill items, deeds, craftable items, spawning items, rares, artifacts, minor artifacts and information of where they come from and how you get them. {b}In progress{/b}
  • Akilae Says: I'm also with the location, the loot drop needs also to be updated. More informations about the new dungeons (some mobs are not listed). {b}In progress{/b}
  • Plensin Says: What I would like to see is a link showing each item for instance eye of travesty and everything you can make using this item. White pearls everything you can make with this item and so on throughout each item in the list. {b}In progress{/b}
  • Doomsday_Dragon says:
    • I wouldnt mind seeing the images for items and monsters filled out. We could also use better info on the monsters. I no longer have an account with EA but still play UO on my own server and often look here for coverage of new things. As I cannot find much coverage on stratics... I would have been willing to help fill in missing images though had I not decided to leave the production shards. I also agree with others that have mentioned adding ongoing changes post ML and also the pre-ML content. Adding pre-ML content though is a big job but then again do we not have many who could help add this information? I am very intrested in collecting some of the lost knowledge from back when UO was released items and monsters and events that happened that many no longer remember. Would be nice to preserve the past a bit here on this page.
  • georgemarvin2001 says:
    • I would like to see a detailed description of all of the skills because the Stratics info on several of them is old and, in some cases, useless. About half of the skills listed there have changed since the site was last updated. Same goes for the bestiary. If you decide to put up a treasure map coordinate page, I have a set of printable maps (saved eye strain and lots of time going through tons of web pages trying to find the right one). I put 9 maps per page, I use Goodman's library on Atlantic, so I used the t-map location numbers from there; it's 23 pages, but well worth the trouble to print. Just takes me a few seconds to figure out which map I have. I would be happy to let you use them on your great site. Wouldn't hurt for you to put a link to Goodman's web site for more t-map info, too. After he passed away, somebody has maintained his site; it has a very comprehensive t-map database.
  • Uther says:
    • I'd like to see a more comprehesive crafting pages. And maybe an item database of craftable and drop items. It'd be nice to know if items with + to craft skills existing and how to get them. Players could enter their findings in the database for other players.
  • Elik Says:
    • I would like to see lists of exactly what the new slayer talisman types kill, and what the old slayer types kill of the new monsters. For example: repond slayers kill troglodytes. Ice Slayer kills Ice Fiends, Ice Elementals, Snow Elementals but not Arctic Ogre Lords. Fey Slayer kills the Crystal lattice seekers, and the crystal wisps in Prism. I'm not very creative though, so I'll leave it to someone else ot get the ball rolling on the specific page.
    • BBR: Dare to edit. its really easy. you already managed to edit "this" page. adding into to the page with Talismans is just as easy. and if you manage to error, someone can either clean up what you did wrong, or revert to a previous version of the page.
  • Zotos Says:
    • "There should be more pre-ML content Stratics is slow on updates and some of the info is off. This is called uostuff.com correct?
  • Arkenor Says:
    • Any ongoing UO changes, post-ML, for instance the additions that came in with 8th Age.