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A long time ago there used to be a section on the UO homepage that would feature a picture and a little snibbit about an established house in UO. It could be a museum or vendor mall or just about anything. I think this could be done on UOGuide as well. Not only done but improved. Each establishment would have it's own page created that contains whatever the owner wants to put there. Here is the process I was thinking of:

1) Announce the program 2) Establishment owners create a UOGuide page with picture(s) and the appropriate information 3) We pick through and rotate the featured establishment every week or sooner

For example if I wanted to submit my former museum I would create a page titled Atlantic:UORares Rune Library & Rare Museum. I have to include at least one screenshot so it can be shown on the main page. I also put down the shard, coordinates, facet, website (if any). I can also include a history and other things.

Of course this whole thing depends on people submitting establishments. I think there will be at least a dozen eager people to show off their places. I was also thinking of a Guild feature which would be run through the same process.

Establishment Example

I've created an example from my ill-fated Rare Museum. Atlantic:UORares_Rune_Library_&_Rare_Museum - JC the Builder 11:12, 26 January 2008 (PST)