Just a dude playing a computer game. Nothin' ta see here, move along.


Pacific. Ah yes the mighty Pac. I have a screen shot somewhere from late '97 or early '98 with shard status messages from the official UO site. Pac is up!.....wait Pac is down....back down again. All over the course of about a day. At that time a restart caused a loss of about 3 hours of playtime, or more. Ah, memories.


First saw UO on a friends machine on September 26th, 1997. Started my own account the next day. A year later I took over that friends account. These are the only two accounts I have and both are still active. 6/2/2013. That's a lot of money I've given EA. I hope somebody got a pool out of it.


Just playing around with this editor stuff to see what it is like. I have a bunch of spreadsheets with info on items and thought maybe putting all that on one site would be better, unless the site goes down...better keep the spreadsheets too.


Mostly interested in trying to remember items and quests. Basically what came into the game when. But only the stuff that is equipable on the paperdoll. House décor, not so much.

  • Artifacts (Other) needs updating. All items need to be correctly categorized. All categories should be alphabetical. Related event items should be "See Also"ed to each other. (Mostly done 7-6-2013)
  • "Event items" needs to have remaining event items tagged into that category.
  • "Quest rewards" should be double categorized with "Event items" if the item was a quest reward during an event.

Should maybe start a page to list minor named items that are not full fledged artifacts, i.e. Thorvald's Medallion, Echo Staff, etc.

Should find out how to rename the top of a page as Chaos Shield (Vanguard) and Obsidian Blade are both part of the Vanguard Invasion Set.

Might want to go through the quest npc's and create a standard template for quest title, type, reward, associated event, etc. Yeah, that is way down on the list.