Chaos Shield (Vanguard)

Chaos Shield (Vanguard).png
Chaos Shield
Weight: 5 Stones
Self Repair 5
Reflect Physical Damage 10%
Defense Chance Increase 10%
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 1-3%
Cold Resist 1-3%
Poison Resist 1-3%
Energy Resist 1-3%
Strength Requirement 95
Durability: 37 (min) - 123 (max)

The Vanguard Invasion Set is an unofficial set - that is to say, a collection of items which obviously should be put together but grant nothing other then bragging rights should you accomplish it.

It comprises of two items, the Obsidian Blade (a somewhat unconventional version of the Longsword) and a dark Chaos Shield (a normal Chaos Shield with extra properties), dropped by Vanguard Controllers during the Vanguard invasion. This event was Part III of the larger event arc Warriors of Destiny.

This shield came with slightly random resistances, and could even be enhanced to create a fairly impressive item.

The items were worth 2,500 points each during the Spring Cleaning 2008 event. They no longer spawn in game and are considered fairly rare.

When completely assembled, the total modifiers are:

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