A picture of the Mage Dryke
Shard: Great Lakes

Hello! If you've come to this page to learn about me, then I've either done something right or something terribly wrong. I'm going to proceed along the lines of the first assumption.

I started playing UO in the Beta phase and played for a few years; sadly at that time I decided to move on to 'bigger and better things'. After many more years away, I finally came to the conclusion that no other game I'd played since offered me the enjoyment and sheer depth of experience of UO, and so I returned.

A great many changes had taken place in that time, and even now I still haven't truly reached a point where I feel totally competent - and it was this that brought me here, to the UO guide.

Right now I am playing a number of different characters, many which have existed since launch day or soon thereafter; there are also a few that I've created since. Mostly I play one of three characters - Dryke, who is (as best as I can reason out) most accurately described as a 'classic Mage'; Anagath, an Archer (and erstwhile Macer and Fencer); and Aundimus, an aspiring craftsman (Blacksmith, Tailor, and Fletcher).

I've tried my hand here on the Guide in a few places - mostly minor grammatical edits, although I did shamelessly copy and modify the Tailor BOD page in order to create the missing Blacksmith BOD page. (My thanks - and credits! - to the original creator of that Tailor BOD page!)

More to follow as it strikes me -