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Blacksmith Bulk Order Deeds were introduced November 30, 2001 via Publish 14. A character only needs one-tenth of a skill point in Blacksmithy to be eligible to receive a BOD from an NPC. Different BOD types are given out according to skill, but lower level characters can receive BODs more often. The wait time is reduced to nil if you've just handed a BOD in - One technique for collection is to have your low characters receive a large collection of "easy" BODs, fill them all, then have your high level Blacksmith return them all so as to receive a large amount of "hard" BODs quickly.

Completing a BOD

A Blacksmith NPC's contextual menu.
  1. Visit any NPC Armorer or Blacksmith in one of the many cities.
  2. Open a contextual menu on your desired NPC.
  3. Select the "Bulk Order Info" option.
  4. One of two things can occur:
    • A gump will appear with the BOD information.
    • The NPC will tell you "An Offer may be available in about X minutes", where X is the number of minutes before you can get another BOD. Try again after the specified amount of time has passed. Blacksmiths with skill levels between 0.1 and 50.0 may receive one BOD per hour; between 50.1 and 69.9, every two hours; between 70.0 and 120, every six hours.
  5. Accept the BOD by pressing the OK button.
  6. Craft the number of desired items, using the requested material, and following any other requirements such as being exceptional.
  7. Double-click the BOD to open the gump and press the "Combine this deed with item requested" option.
  8. Target the items you have created until the BOD is full.
  9. Go back to any Armorer or Blacksmith and drop your completed BOD onto the NPC.
  10. You will then receive your rewards:
    • A system message will appear telling you a certain amount of gold has been deposited in your bank box.
    • A special item will be placed in your backpack such as a mining tool, a special hammer, etc.
    • Turning in a completed bod eliminates the waiting period for your next BOD; you may now request a new BOD immediately - See Publish 32, May 2, 2005

An NPC offering a Bulk Order Deed.


Reward Image Point Cost
Smith's Hammer (250 charges) Smith's Hammer.png 10
Sturdy Shovel Shovel.gif 10
Sturdy Pickaxe Pickaxe.png 25
Title „The Weaponsmith“ Deed.png 25
Title „The Armorer“ Deed.png 100
Leather Mining Gloves Leather Gloves.png 100
Studded Mining Gloves Studded Gloves.png 200
Prospector's Tool 200
Gargoyle's Pickaxe 200
Smelter's Golden Talisman Smelter's golden talisman.png 350
Master Craftsman Talisman (10 charges) Master Craftsman Blacksmith.png 400
Ringmail Mining Gloves Ringmail Gloves.png 450
Powder of Fortifying 450
Smelter's Agapite Talisman Smelter's agapite talisman.png 475
Rock Hammer 500
Dull Copper Runic Hammer Dull copper runic hammer.gif 500
Smelter's Verite Talisman Smelter's verite talisman.png 525
Shadow Runic Hammer Shadow runic hammer.gif 550
Master Craftsman Talisman (25 charges) Master Craftsman Blacksmith.png 550
Smelter's Valorite Talisman Smelter's valorite talisman.png 575
Miner's Golden Map Miner's golden map.png 600
Colored Anvil Anvil (East).png 625
A Wondrous Scroll of Blacksmithing 625
Copper Runic Hammer Copper runic hammer.gif 650
An Exalted Scroll of Blacksmithing 675
Bronze Runic Hammer Bronze runic hammer.gif 700
Ancient Hammer +10 750
A Mythical Scroll of Blacksmithing 800
Ancient Hammer +15 850
Miner's Agapite Map Miner's agapite map.png 850
A Legendary Scroll of Blacksmithing 900
Master Craftsman Talisman (50) Master Craftsman Blacksmith.png 900
Golden Runic Hammer Golden runic hammer.gif 950
Miner's Verite Map Miner's verite map.png 950
Ancient Hammer +30 1000
Agapite Runic Hammer Agapite runic hammer.gif 1050
Miner's Valorite Map Miner's valorite map.png 1050
Ancient Hammer +60 1100
Verite Runic Hammer Verite runic hammer.gif 1150
Valorite Runic Hammer Valorite runic hammer.gif 1200

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