Publish 95

First TC1 Release – 11/3/2016

Second TC1 Release – 11/9/2016

Origin, Izumo, Baja Release – 11/10/2016

World Wide Release – 11/17/2016

Publish 95 Hotfixes - 11/18/2016

Updates from Origin, Izumo and Baja to World Wide

  • Updated Automaton, see Automaton section in original notes.
  • Fixed issue where certain vet reward statuettes were impassable.
  • Fixed issue where exceptionally crafted items could not be combined with Cooking BODs.
  • Updated reward cost for certain Alchemy and Cooking rewards.
  • Moved two existing dyes from the Alchemy reward list to the Cooking reward list.
  • Fixed issue where bloodwood and heartwood crafted items would not properly combine with their respective BODs.
  • Added ability to minimize new backpacks in the Classic Client.
  • Reduced the amount of gold rewarded for small BODs.
  • Fixed the issue with talisman (Master Craftsman) breaks after last charge.
  • Kegs of Fortification charges will no longer revert to 10 charges after server maintenance.
  • Added a help option to the Fermentation Barrel.
  • Added a toggle for BOD’s reward turn ins that allows you to disable banking points, auto banking points, and enable banking points.
  • Player can now bank points beyond the caps in order to reach the turn in caps.
  • BOD’s now display the turn-in value on the order gump.
  • Players can auto fill BOD’s from containers now.
  • Removed several special material items from the Carpentry, Tinkering, and Fletching BOD system.
  • Added Runic Mallets to the Carpentry BOD reward list.
  • Gargoyles can now equip the talisman.
  • Removed coffee, green tea, and hot cocoa from the cooking BOD system.
  • Added the BOD and Bribe actions below the new BOD givers’s health bar in the EC.

Updates to Origin, Izumo, Baja

  • Fixed issue with new BOD reward titles, overhead titles will now have “the” as a prefix.
  • Added new skills to BOD book interface.
  • Updated the TIDs for runic mallet rewards.
  • Fixed display issue with large BODs ingredients.
  • Fixed issue where small BODs could not be combined with large BODs.
  • Increased the banked point caps for BOD turnin so rewards with higher reward costs could be redeemed.

Updates to TC1

  • The retouching tool can not be used on the tarantula statue. This is a temporary measure while the model is adjusted to create a more aesthetically pleasing ethereal look.
  • Adjusted the art of the sand tiles in the holiday token to correctly match the sand terrain in the legacy client.
  • Fixed issue where non-player backpacks would be displayed as custom backpacks.
  • Fixed an issue where several Inscription BOD items could not be added to their respective BODs due to being blessed.
  • Added “Crafting Failure Protectino” to Enhanced Client item property help list.
  • Increased the ratio of points banked from BODs.
  • Removed Fukiya Darts from BOD system.
  • Removed a debug bark from the BOD system.
  • Added NPCs with the “Baker” job to the NPC list for cooking BODs.
  • Removed the following special ingredient items from the BOD system,
    • Blight Gripped Longbow
    • Faerie Fire
    • Silvani’s Feywood Bow
    • Mischief Maker
    • The Night Reaper
    • Hitching Rope
    • Hitching Post (replica)
    • Resilient Bracer
    • Essence of Battle
    • Pendant of the Magi
    • Scrapper’s Compendium
    • Mounted Dread Horn
    • Darkwood Armor
    • Phantom Staff
  • Added Runic Mallets to the Carpentry Reward List
  • Reduced the cost of Blacksmithing resource maps
  • BODs now display teh turnin value on the BOD gump
  • Players can now toggle BOD point banking and auto-fill BODs from containers within their backpack
  • Fixed the name of the “Fermentation Barrel”
  • Added “the” to new reward titles
  • Added snow to both clients

Veteran Rewards

New veteran rewards are available,

  • T-Rex Statuette – 2 Year
    • Monster statuette that plays sounds when locked down
  • Zipactriotal Statuette – 3 Year
    • Monster statuette that plays sounds when locked down
  • Myrmidex Queen Statuette – 5 Year
    • Monster statuette that plays sounds when locked down
  • Alchemy Station – 7 Year
    • House addon
    • Can be used to craft items using the alchemy skill
    • Holds up to 5000 charges of alchemy tool charges
  • BBQ Smoker – 7 Year
    • House addon
    • Can be used to craft items using the cooking skill
    • Holds up to 5000 charges of cooking tool charges
  • Tarantula Statuette – 15 Year
    • Creates a tarantula mount

Holiday Rewards

All characters at least 30 days old logging in between December 1, 2016 at 12:01 AM ET and January 1, 2017 12:01 AM ET receive a gift token and may select from the following gifts,

Gifts are delivered inside 1 of 8 different gift boxes available in over 100 different hues, including 8 rare hues!

Huntmaster’s Challenge Update

New creatures to hunt in the Huntmaster's Challenge – the Tiger & Myrmidex Drone! All current Huntmaster’s Challenge contests will conclude when this publish is deployed on each server.

Horn of Plenty Update

New rewards are available from the Horn of Plenty,

Bulk Order Deed Update

Several updates have been made to the Bulk Order Deed System,

Known Issue: Bulk Order Books do not currently function correctly with new BOD types. Do not add new crafting BODs to BOD books.

  • Fletching, Tinkering, Carpentry, Alchemy, Cooking, and Inscription Bulk Order Deeds are now available from their respective shopkeepers.
  • Bulk Order Deeds can now either be immediately claimed or the points can be banked.
  • Banking Bulk Order Deed points will bank a fraction of the total worth of the Bulk Order Deed.
  • Visit Bulk Order Deed shopkeepers to redeem skill specific rewards.


  • Crafting Failure Protection Talisman
    • Prevents loss of materials on failure
    • Available with additional crafting related properties
    • Consumes charges when successfully prevents material loss
    • Can be used with any crafting skill
  • Resource Maps
    • Can be used to find special material resources
  • Reward Titles
    • Weaponsmith
    • Armorer
  • Rock Hammer
    • 500 Charges
    • Increased chance to dig up high quality granite while mining
  • 250 charge crafting tools








Artisan Festival

The Artisan Festival is a new crafting event that allows crafters to take advantage of the new Bulk Order update to turn in Bulk Order Deeds for virtue & vice themed holiday rewards!

  • The Artisan Festival Event is active between server up after December 1, 2016, 12:01 AM ET and January 1, 2016 12:01 AM ET.
  • The Artisan Festival occurs in any of the Governor cities with a treasury balance of at least 1,000,000 gp.
  • Town Criers will announce which city is currently active.
  • The Artisan Festival lasts for 3 days in each city during the event
  • While the Artisan Festival is active within a city, players may turn in Bulk Order Deeds to elves at a specially decorated location within each City,
    • Britain – East Britain Park
    • Jhelom – East of The Pearl of Jhelom
    • Minoc – West of The Matewan
    • Moonglow – East of the Scholar’s Goods
    • New Magincia – The Gazebo
    • Skara Brae – South of the Healer of Skara Brae
    • Trinsic – The Park
    • Vesper – East of the Fisherman’s Guild
    • Yew – East of the Yew Healer
  • As players turn in Bulk Order Deeds to the Elf, the holiday tree will begin to grow and players are entered into the gift raffle held at the conclusion of the 3 day period. Players receive a number of entries based on the worth of the Bulk Order Deed they turn in.
  • The greater the value of Bulk Order Deeds that are turned in, the bigger and better the Holiday Tree will grow until it reaches its maximum size at which time all raffle entrants will receive a reward when the festival concludes in each city. Rewards are scaled to a percentage of total participants for each tree size below the maximum tree size.
  • Players may claim their rewards by double clicking on the large gift bag near the elf.
  • Players receive a gift box that can be used to unwrap a random reward inside.
  • Rewards are vice and virtue themed holiday items including,
    • Honor, Sacrifice, Hythloth, and Destard themed Paper Lanterns
      • Can be turned on an off by double clicking, function as a light source
    • Compassion, Honesty, Wrong, and Shame themed Throw Pillows
    • Valor, Spirituality, Despise, and Deceit themed Wood Sculptures
      • Animated, can be turned on and off by double clicking
    • Justice, Humility, Covetous, and Pride themed Paintings
  • Players who claim their reward receive a Virtue or Vice themed reward based on their karma. Positive karma players receive a Virtue themed reward and negative karma players receive a Vice themed reward. *Participants can only receive one gift per Artisan Festival in each city.
  • Rewards come in a new collectible holiday box available in a variety of hues.
  • There is a 1 day cooldown between events in each city to give participants a chance to claim their rewards. Players should claim their rewards as soon as the event ends.
  • The Artisan Festival will cycle, and continue to cycle, through all cities with the ability to pay for the Festival for the duration of the event. Cities may host the Festival multiple times during the event.

Ultima Store Items

These items will be released each month beginning in November

  • Improved Rock Hammer – available in November
    • 500 Charges
    • 100% Chance when used to mine up high quality granite
  • Commemorative Robe – available in November
    • Equippable hooded robe
    • Can be dyed with cloth dye tubs, tokuno dyes, and natural dyes.
  • House addon World Tree Floor Tile – available in December
    • Available in small (3×3) and large (5×5) sizes
    • Can be dyed with furniture and natural dyes.

Treasures of the Kotl City

The “Kotl Artifact” portion of this event has been deactivated. Existing reward points can still be redeemed for rewards. This is a seasonal event and will return next Halloween with fresh content. The area of the Kotl City will be re-purposed in a future publish.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the Huntmaster’s Challenge where sometimes trophies would not update the winning kill correctly.
  • City Loyalty gain messages can now be toggled in the City Loyalty gump.
  • Players will now be able to convert physical gold into account gold when their bank box is full.
  • Increased Iron Beetle spawn rate.
  • Raw Yeast will no longer drop from various Orcish creatures.
  • Fixed issue where various house only items lost that functionality.
  • The Runic Atlas can now be dyed with natural dyes.
  • Fixed an issue where the City Treasury would not be appropriately charged for renewing trade deals.

Publish 95 Hotfixes

The following hotfixes will be deployed with each Shard’s normal maintenance beginning 11/18/2016,

  • Updated turn-in cap for cooking BOD points to 750
  • Purchased and found potions may now be used in alchemy BODs
  • Removed hovering wisp and academic bookcases from the BOD system
  • Fame should now be provided properly when BOD rewards are claimed
  • Resolved issue where special material tinkering items were not being properly identified when they were not being hued in the crafting system

Classic Client

  • Cliloc changes
  • Art additions
  • New backpack skins available to select from the options menu

Enhanced Client

  • Cliloc changes
  • Art additions
  • New backpack skins available to select from the options menu