Reward Title

Quest Reward Titles

The Valley of One quest and the Uniting the Tribes quest chain offers the possible Reward of a Title Deed that can be sold to another player.

  • Reward Title Deed: Dinosaur Hunter

The Zealotry of Zipactriotl and Exterminating the Infestation Quest has a possible Reward of a Title Token that can be sold to another player, the token lets you pick one of the titles below.

  • Defender of Eodon
  • Defender of the Myrmidex
  • Flame of the Jukari
  • Trooper of the Barako
  • Thunder of the Urali
  • Ambusher of the Kurak
  • Herder of the Sakkhra
  • Colonizer of the Barrab

The BMV Ararat Exploring the Deep Quest Chain

  • Salvager of the Deep

Trader Quest

  • Trader – Deliver 1 trade order to the City Trade Minister
  • Exporter – Deliver 25 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
  • Broker – Deliver 50 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
  • Tycoon – Deliver 100 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
  • Magnate – Deliver 150 trade orders to the City Trade Minister
  • Smuggler – Deliver 50 trade orders to Slim the Fence

For Completing the Discovering Animal Training Quest

  • Ethologist

Bulk Order Deeds

Titles from Bulk Order Deed Rewards


  • The Brewer
  • The Concocter
  • The Distiller


  • The Weaponsmith
  • The Armorer


  • The Woodworker
  • The Builder
  • The Craftsman


  • The Baker
  • The Gourmet
  • The Culinarian


  • The Fletcher


  • The Clerk
  • The Transcriber
  • The Scrivener


  • The Weaver
  • The Dressmaker
  • The Haberdasher


  • The Metallurgist
  • The Dabbler
  • The Fixer
  • The Clockmaker
  • The Mechanic

PvP Arenas

PvP Arenas

  • Fledgling Gladiator
  • Budding Gladiator
  • Gladiator
  • Well-Known Gladiator
  • Veteran Gladiator.

Veteran Reward Titles

Veteran reward titles may be applied to your character through the ‘titles menu’ in the ‘subtitle’ section and appear over your character’s head.

  • Unlocked at 2 years : Explorer of Darkness
  • Unlocked at 4 years: Avenger of the Enchantress
  • Unlocked at 6 years: Slayer of Exodus
  • Unlocked at 8 years: Quester of the Avatar
  • Unlocked at 10 years: Warrior of Destiny
  • Unlocked at 12 years: Fulfiller of the False Prophecy
  • Unlocked at 14 years: Destroyer of the Fellowship
  • Unlocked at 16 years: Survivor of Pagan
  • Unlocked at 18 years: Ascendant of the Guardian
  • Unlocked at 20 years: Wanderer of the Lost Odyssey

Cooperative Collection Reward Titles

Purchased from one of the three Cooperative Collections with trade in points.

For 100,000 points

For 200,000 points

For 350,000 points

For 550,000 points

For 800,000 points


TheHuntmaster’s Challenge 1 point Reward of a Title Deed that can be sold to another player.

  • Reward Title Deed: Huntmaster’s Champion

The Treasures of Kotl City Event has 3 Title Deeds that can be sold to another player. they cost 10 points each

  • Reward Title Deed: Explorer of the Kotl City
  • Reward Title Deed: Menace of the Myrmidex
  • Reward Title Deed: Zealot of Zipactriotl

The Halloween event Treasures of Doom

  • Reward Title Deed: The Atoned
  • Reward Title Deed: Defender of the Living
  • Reward Title Deed: Preserver of the Faith

Ownership of one of the two Abyss Houses

  • Warden of the Abyss (Ter Mur)
  • Ranger of the Abyss (Underworld)

Completing Shadowguard

  • Destroyer of the Time rift


The Pursuit quest included in the Slime Invasion event of December 2008.

  • Slime Hunter

The Tournament of Champions (2002 & 2011)

  • Grandmaster Duelist
  • Master Duelist

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