Champion Title

Champion Title refers to special titles that are earned when certain high-level foes are defeated. The titles appear after a character's name on their paperdoll and can be seen by other players. While the display of such titles can be toggled on or off by bringing up your character's context menu, the titles decay over time.

The Champion Title system does not work as straight forward as the following listings suggest. Characters routinely obtain Harrower titles without having ever ventured to Felucca, which is the only place the Harrower spawns. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Harrower titles apply when different champion-types are defeated, i.e., first the Vermin Horde for the respective Champion Title, then Unholy Terror, which gains you the "unearned" Harrower title of Opponent of Evil. Some wonder if Harrower Title is actually a misnomer.

Champion Titles

Abyss Foe of the Abyss Assassin of the Abyss Conqueror of the Abyss
Abyssal Inferno Havoc of the Pit Torment of the Pit Agony of the Pit
Arachnid Bane of the Arachnid Killer of the Arachnid Vanquisher of the Arachnid
Cold Blood Blight of the Cold Blood Slayer of the Cold Blood Destroyer of the Cold Blood
Forest Lord Enemy of the Forest Lord Curse of the Forest Lord Slaughterer of the Forest Lord
Pestilence Cleanser of the Corrupt Expunger of the Corrupt Depurator of the Corrupt
Primeval Lich Woe of the Unliving Curse of the Unliving Despair of the Unliving
Sleeping Dragon Rival of the Sleeping Dragon Challenger of the Sleeping Dragon Antagonist of the Sleeping Dragon
Twisted Glade Banisher of the Glade Enforcer of the Glade Eradicator of the Glade
Unholy Terror Scourge of the Unholy Terror Punisher of the Unholy Terror Nemesis of the Unholy Terror
Vermin Horde Adversary of the Vermin Horde Subjugator of the Vermin Horde Eradicator of the Vermin Horde
Dragon Turtle Huntsman of the Valley Msafiri of the Valley ...

The Minotaur Champion Spawn does not impart titles.

Harrower Titles

A player who has participated in defeating the Harrower will not gain standard champion spawn titles, but will instead gain a title from the below list depending on how many champions he has defeated.

Note that many players end up with these titles even if they haven't actually defeated the Harrower itself.

1 Champion Spite of Evil
2 Different Champions Opponent of Evil
3 Different Champions Hunter of Evil
4 Different Champions Venom of Evil
5 Different Champions Executioner of Evil
6 Different Champions Annihilator of Evil
7 Different Champions Champion of Evil
8 Different Champions Assailant of Evil
9 Different Champions Purifier of Evil
10 Different Champions Nullifier of Evil
11 Different Champions Stalker of Evil
12 Different Champions Forsaker of Evil

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