Cold Blood Champion Spawn

Level 1 Lizardmen and Snakes
Level 2 Lava Lizards, Ophidian Warriors, and Ophidian Enforcers
Level 3 Drakes, Ophidian Justicars, and Ophidian Zealots
Level 4 Dragons, Ophidian Avengers, and Ophidian Knight-Errants
Champion Rikktor
  • Recommended Slayer: Reptile
  • Permanent Altar: Destard Felucca
  • Title Rewards
    • First Tier: Blight of the Cold Blood
    • Second Tier: Slayer of the Cold Blood
    • Third Tier: Destroyer of the Cold Blood
  • Level 1: (Slayer Pref.: Reptile) Weakest Resist: Energy
  • Level 2: (Slayer Pref.: Reptile) Weakest Resist: Cold,Fire
  • Level 3: (Slayer Pref.: Reptile) Weakest Resist: Energy
  • Level 4: (Slayer Pref.: Reptile) Weakest Resist: Energy
  • Rikktor: (Slayer Pref.: Dragon ) Weakest Resist: Cold

Tip: High resists mean you want to ignore them as much as possible, unfortunately, this spawn has resists above 30 for most levels and level 4 Ophidians have almost 100% poison resistance. If there was one place you could use a cameo, its here folks.

P.S Rikktors got a mean double hit with a quaking move to land about 170hp in a few seconds so unless you want 'OoOo' as your catchphrase, i'd precast heal when he starts flapping or run like the wind.