Ophidian Warrior

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It is believed that the Ophidians are a magically created race. They are thought to be part snake and part human. This merging has created a race filled with loathing and inner turmoil. It is believed that they were aware of how they were created and by whom. This secret is guarded very closely by the Ophidians and is the cause of their war with the Terrathans. The Terrathans believe the secret of Ophidian origin will help them determine their own. The Ophidians hold that there is no relation.

For more on the Ophidian race, see Ophidian.


Ophidian Warrior Statistics
Spawn Locations Terathan Keep, Ophidian Lair, Terathan Keep Underground, Ilshenar, Cold Blood Champion Spawn, Lost Lands Desert
Fame 4500 Slayer Vulnerability Ophidian Slayer, Reptile Slayer
Karma -4500 Alignment EVIL
First Seen UO:T2A Pack Instinct None
Gold 175-225 Magic Items
Special level 1Treasure Map Cut Up 1 Raw Rib
Strength 150 - 320 Hit Points 128 - 155
Dexterity 94 - 190 Stamina 94 - 190
Intelligence 64 - 160 Mana 0
Barding Difficulty 74 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 5 - 11 Preferred Foods
Wrestling 0 Poisoning
Tactics 75.1 - 90.0 Magery
Resisting Spells 70.1 - 85.0 Evaluating Intelligence
Anatomy Meditation
Detecting Hidden Hiding
Parrying Healing
Necromancy Spirit Speak
Mysticism Focus
Spellweaving Discordance
Bushido Ninjitsu
Chivalry Special Abilities
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 35 - 40 20 - 30 25 - 35 30 - 40 25 - 35
Damage 100%

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