Skill Title

Skill Mastery Titles

Titles from Skill Masteries

  • Parry - the Deflector
  • Magery - the Marvelous
  • Poisoning - the Lethal
  • Archery - the Exact
  • Animal Taming - the Beast
  • Swords - the Blade
  • Mace - the Crushing
  • Fencing - the Incisor
  • Wrestling - the Champion
  • Necromany - the Undying
  • Chivalry - the Courageous
  • Bushido - the Disciplined
  • Ninjitsu - the Unseen
  • Spellweaving - the Mysterious
  • Mysticism - the Enigmatic
  • Throwing - the Precise

Skill Progression Titles

Your Skill Title will accumulate and improve as your skills' prowess grows. Many NPCs around Brittannia can train your skill up to Novice, and the accelerated skill gain quests in New Haven will allow you to train to apprentice level at a hastened pace.

Bushido and Ninjitsu have there own Specific tiles that replace Elder and Legendary

Bushido Specific

  • Elder - Tatsujin
  • Legendary - Kengo

Ninjitsu Specific

  • Elder -Shinobi
  • Legendary - Ka-ge

All other skill progression titles

Skill Range Skill Title
30.0-39.9 Neophyte
40.0-49.9 Novice
50.0-59.9 Apprentice
60.0-69.9 Journeyman
70.0-79.9 Expert
80.0-89.9 Adept
90.0-99.9 Master
100.0-109.9 Grandmaster
110.0-119.9 Elder
120 Legendary

Professional Title

Professional titles associated with their skills.

Skill Title
Alchemy Alchemist
Anatomy Biologist
Animal Lore Naturalist
Animal Taming Tamer
Archery Archer
Arms Lore Weapons Master
Begging Beggar
Blacksmithy Smith
Bowcraft & Fletching Bowyer
Bushido Samurai
Camping Explorer
Carpentry Carpenter
Cartography Cartographer
Chivalry Paladin
Cooking Chef
Detecting Hidden Scout
Discordance Demoralizer
Evaluating Intelligence Scholar
Fencing Fencer
Fishing Fisherman
Focus Stoic
Forensic Evaluation Detective
Healing Healer
Herding Shepherd
Hiding Shade
Imbuing Artificer
Inscription Scribe
Item Identification Merchant
Lockpicking Infiltrator
Lumberjacking Lumberjack
Mace Fighting Armsman
Magery Mage
Meditation Stoic
Mining Miner
Musicianship Bard
Mysticism Mystic
Necromancy Necromancer
Ninjitsu Ninja
Parry Duelist
Peacemaking Pacifier
Poisoning Assassin
Provocation Rouser
Remove Trap Trap Specialist
Resisting Spells Mage
Snooping Spy
Spellweaving Arcanist
Spirit Speak Medium
Stealing Pickpocket
Stealth Rogue
Swordsmanship Swordsman
Tactics Tactician
Tailoring Tailor
Taste Identification Praegustator
Throwing Bladeweaver
Tinkering Tinker
Tracking Ranger
Veterinary Veterinarian
Wrestling Wrestler

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