Runic Atlas

An open Runic Atlas.

Runic Atlases are books similar to Runebooks that can be used to Gate Travel, Recall, or Sacred Journey to any location contained within. However, they hold up to 48 runes and, depending on quality, up to 100 charges. The recipe to craft Runic Atlases was originally obtained during the Holiday 2015 event, they where latter added to the rewards list for inscription Bulk Order Deeds with Publish 96 cost 210 points. They weigh one stone and are always Blessed. You can add destinations to your Runic Atlas by dropping marked runes onto it. You may also copy a runic atlas with a Pen of Wisdom.


The usage of a Runic Atlas is slightly different than that of a Runebook. To travel to a location, first double click the Atlas to open it. Next click the gem to the left of the destination you wish to travel to. The name of that location will turn to orange. Finally, click the gem to the left of the action you wish to perform: Recall (Spell), Recall (Charge), Gate Travel, or Sacred Journey.

Similarly, you can remove the rune for the selected location by clicking the gem to the left of Drop rune. You may also set the default location so that it becomes accessible by casting directly onto the Runic Atlas itself.


Grandmaster or better scribes can craft runebooks with up to 100 charges. A Runic Atlas is "charged" by dropping Recall scrolls onto it; Gate Travel scrolls will not work. The number of charges currently in your Runic Atlas as well as the maximum number of charges is displayed on the top left page.


A Runic Atlas can also be named to distinguish it from other Runic Atlases in your collection. To name a Runic Atlas, open it and click the Rename Book button on the top right page. Type in the new name and press Enter on your keyboard.


Like Runebooks, Runic Atlases may be further personalized by dyeing them using a Runebook Dye Tub or Natural Dyes.


Crafting the Inscription item Runic Atlas
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
45.0 Inscription
Blank Scrolls.png 24 Blank Scrolls
Rune Stone.png 3 Rune
link=Recall Scrolls 3 [[Recall Scrolls]]
link=Gate Scrolls 3 [[Gate Scrolls]]
100.0 skill = 100%
Exceptional Chances
100.0 skill = 65%
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