Alchemy BOD

Alchemy Bod.png Alchemy Bulk Order Deeds were introduced in November 2016 with Publish 95. A character only needs one-tenth of a skill point in Alchemy to be eligible to receive a BOD from an alchemist NPC. Different BOD types are given out according to skill. BODs are limited to one every six hours, however NPCs will cache up to 18 hours (or 3 BODs) worth of give outs.

Completing a BOD

  1. Visit any NPC alchemist shop in one of the many cities.
  2. Locate an alchemist NPC.
  3. Open a contextual menu on the desired NPC.
  4. Select the "Bulk Order Info" option.
  5. One of two things can occur:
    • A gump will appear with the BOD information.
    • The NPC will tell you "An offer may be available in about X minutes", where X is the number of minutes before you can get another BOD. Try again after the specified amount of time has passed.
  6. Accept the BOD by pressing the OK button.
  7. Craft the number of desired items, following any requirements such as being exceptional.
  8. Double-click the BOD to open the gump and press either "Combine this deed with the item requested" or "Combine this deed with contained items" options.
    • "Combine this deed with the item requested" allows you to individually add the appropriate items to the BOD in the same manner as BOD functionality pre-Publish 95.
    • "Combine this deed with contained items" allows you to select a container that will automatically add all appropriate items to the BOD until either the BOD is full or there are no more items in the bag that fit the BOD requirements. Be warned that if you select a bag that has items that you don't necessarily want to use for the BOD but meet the BOD's requirements you may lose the item.
  9. Go back to any alchemist shop and drop your completed BOD onto any alchemist NPC.
  10. You will then have a choice for your rewards:
    • Use the BOD's Point Value immediately to claim one reward of your choice with a value equal to or lesser than the BOD's Point Value. Any leftover points are lost.
    • Bank the BOD's bank value at considerable loss for future use.

BOD Point Turn-in Table

  • There are 5 different Alchemy Large Bulk Order Deeds as shown by the table below with the items listed to fill each of them.
  • You require 70 skill in Alchemy to have a chance at receiving Large Bulk Order Deeds.
Small Bulk Order Deeds Large Bulk Order Deeds
Any Other Small

Bulk Order Deed

Nexus Core

Lesser Potions:

Regular Potions:

Greater Potions:



Quantity Banked Points Claimed Points Banked Points Claimed Points Banked Points Claimed Points Banked Points Claimed Points Banked Points Claimed Points Banked Points Claimed Points Banked Points Claimed Points
10 0.2 10 2.2 110 42 210 52 260 62 310 72 360 82 410
15 0.5 25 2.5 125 45 225 55 275 65 325 75 375 85 425
20 1 50 3 150 50 250 60 300 70 350 80 400 90 450


You may choose from the following rewards for turning in Alchemy Bulk Order Deeds:

Point Cost Picture Item
10 Mortar and Pestle.png Mortar and Pestle - 250 Charges
25 Deed.png Reward Title - "The Brewer"
50 Deed.png Reward Title - "The Concoctor"
210 Deed.png Reward Title - "The Distiller"
225 Wind Azul.png Wind Azul Natural Dye - 5 Charges
250 Ash cauldron of transmutation.png Ash Cauldron of Transmutation
260 Bronze cauldron of transmutation.png Bronze Cauldron of Transmutation
275 Master Craftsman Talisman.png Master Craftsman Talisman - 10 Charges
300 Yew cauldron of transmutation.png Yew Cauldron of Transmutation
310 Golden cauldron of transmutation.png Golden Cauldron of Transmutation
325 Master Craftsman Talisman.png Master Craftsman Talisman - 25 Charges
350 Agapite cauldron of transmutation.png Agapite Cauldron of Transmutation
360 Heartwood cauldron of transmutation.png [[Heartwood Cauldron of Transmutation
375 Master Craftsman Talisman.png Master Craftsman Talisman - 50 charges
400 Dull Ruby.png Dull Ruby Natural Dye - 5 Charges
410 Bloodwood cauldron of transmutation.png Bloodwood Cauldron of Transmutation
425 Poppy White.png Poppy White Natural Dye - 5 Charges
450 Verite cauldron of transmutation.png Verite Cauldron of Transmutation

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