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Adding Skill Requirements on Crafting Templates

Great effort on adding skill requirements near the link of the craftables on templates like Template:Tailoring Craftables, Template:Carpentry Craftables, Template:Alchemy Craftables and Template:Tinkering Craftables. Since the headers of these tempates dont have Required Skill section , we need to edit these templates the way they will display these informations the best they can. Maybe instead of left of the Links, we can make the skills appear on the right of them with a space or a seperator in between. I can edit the tables to make them easier to edit in order to add the skill requirements. Do you have any suggestions on this? Maybe a sample table on a page like the items table on Vesper_Museum_Collection. Nimuaq 15:06, 22 May 2010 (UTC)

Sounds good to me - some template where we just use "|" to add skill right-aligned would look much better. And I dont' think I get how this discussion is supposed to work - should I really just edit this page???