Wolves have roamed Sosaria since time immemorial. Only Dire Wolves are actively hostile to humans, elfs, and pets.

Tamed Wolves

Tamed wolves fight with a pack instinct, which is a damage bonus granted when certain like-type creatures engage in combat under the control of a single Animal Tamer. The Canine Pack Instinct group encompasses the following: Dire Wolf, Dog, Grey Wolf, Hell Hound, Timber Wolf, and White Wolf.

Slain Wolves

Wolves and their kin are vulnerable to the Wolf Slayer Misericord. The Wolf Slayer is effective against the following: Cu Sidhe, Dire Wolf, Dog, Gnaw, Grey Wolf, Hell Hound, Timber Wolf, Tsuki Wolf, and White Wolf.

Familiar Wolves

One of the choices for the Necromancy spell Summon Familiar is the Dark Wolf. It allows the Summon Familiar caster to tame and control wolves excluding bake kitsune, hell hounds, tsuki wolf without any skill points in Animal Taming or Animal Lore.

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