Ye Olde Gargish

A quest given out by Axem the Curator.



* As you approach Axem, you realize that he is looking right at you for a change *

You thought you would sneak up on me again, did you? I saw you coming, so you will have to find amusement elsewhere today.

Alas, I could use your help though. I believe that I have the meanings for some of the symbols found on these ancient fragments, there is some relation to our modern alphabet, but there is just too much that has changed to say with absolute certainty.

While you were off gallivanting about, have you noticed any old tomes in out of the way places? We have a few here already, but they've already been translated and are not from the same era as the rest of what you have brought me. These bits and pieces will only allow me to get so far, I'm afraid. If you know where to find anything like that, will you bring it to me?


* Axem has his back towards you, so you walk quietly up to him and tap him on the shoulder. *

AAAAAAHHHHHH! Get away! You can't have... oh... my... it is you. I have told you that is not very nice, and yet you persist in attempting to frighten me. Well, it will not work, so go away.

Wait, what is that you have there? Is that... yes, I think it is! Give it here, now! I mean... will you please give that to me? I have something to give you in exchange that I think you will find was worth your efforts.


The tome can be found rarely on creatures in the Stygian Abyss. Fairly common on Peerless and Champions.


  • Bulging Museum Bag - Contains various gems, uncommon resources and a book.
  • 50 points added to your Loyalty Rating