Bracelet of Binding

A Bracelet of Binding : 1000
Weight: 1 Stone

Bracelets of Binding are dropped as uncommon loot by Solen Queens. Once "linked" to another bracelet, they may be used to teleport a player wearing one linked bracelet to the location of another.

The bracelets must be recharged on occasion using Translocation Powder. There is no known limit to the number of charges they can have at any given time (1,000+ at least, be wary about dropping your entire pile of powder onto them), and it is also unknown as to whether they become "saturated" like Bags of Sending.

To use them you must set a pair up. Both must be on a player and are tested as a recall spell to the other bracelet. Normal recall rules apply - if you cant cast recall or recall to your target then you cant use it. You also cant use it if they are not on your bracelet slot. The bracelet cannot be used if a player is standing in a player home. You can "inscribe" a custom message on the bracelet by using the context menu.

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